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  • romantic purple heart-shaped earrings silver needle earrings gradient purple Phnom Penh pearl earrings wholesale nihaojewelry NHOM234507 US$ 2.94
  • summer new fabric hand-woven flower earrings polyester mesh petal earrings wholesale nihaojewelry NHRN236245 US$ 0.92
  • new trendy hollow purple butterfly earrings sweet dreamy taro purple retro earrings wholesale nihaojewelry NHRN237270 US$ 1.61
  • purple resin three-dimensional flower earrings trendy fashion forest 925 silver needle earrings wholesale nihaojewelry NHRN237268 US$ 1.04
  • new fashion love transparent resin earrings geometric heart-shaped 925 silver needle earrings wholesale nihaojewelry NHRN237267 US$ 1.15
  • Korea Candy Color Childlike Egg Yolk Star Earrings Purple Star Cute Flower Earrings wholesale nihaojewelry NHRN237264 US$ 1.04
  • Korea new trendy three-dimensional chiffon butterfly earrings fashion earrings wholesale nihaojewelry NHRN237262 US$ 1.15
  • Korean fashion English alphabet earrings series childish sweet cute resin candy earrings wholesale nihaojewelry NHRN237269 US$ 1.15
  • hot-selling alloy glass diamond double fan-shaped tassel earrings retro ethnic style earrings wholesale nihaojewelry NHJE237192 US$ 1.58
  • Exaggerated alloy diamond-studded colorful glass full diamond  fashion leaf-shaped earrings women nihaojewelry NHGY239550 US$ 0.78
  • new polygonal sequins drop-shaped geometric leather double-sided color earrings wholesale nihaojewelry NHGY239548 US$ 0.38
  • new fashion  exaggerated  alloy  diamond long tassel  bohemian earrings NHJE240266 US$ 2.24
  • Korean fashion simple earrings retro hollow diamond alloy butterfly earrings wholesale nihaojewelry NHKQ240487 US$ 0.83
  • snake-shaped high-quality abstract exaggerated trend street earrings wholesale nihaojewelry NHAI240619 US$ 0.98
  •  fashion  natural abalone shell diamond  multi-layer round pearl earrings wholesale  NHAN240678 US$ 1.56
  • hot sale retro abalone shell  fresh versatile double-layer hollow love earrings wholesale  NHAN240682 US$ 1.56
  • hot sale hollow C-shaped double pearl  metal texture fashion street style geometric earrings NHAN240688 US$ 1.38
  •  hot-selling exaggerated jewelry C-shaped semicircular metal pearl earrings  NHAN240681 US$ 1.29
  •  new trendy  simple cold style C-shaped  circle earrings wholesale   NHAN240702 US$ 1.13
  •  hot selling  exaggerated baroque metal texture  circle stud earrings wholesale NHAN240691 US$ 1.29
  •  retro  oval abalone shell multi-layer fashion  earrings  NHAN240697 US$ 1.56
  •  new  hot-selling  fashion all-match creative tears  metal cover  thin earrings NHAN240703 US$ 1.06
  • Metal ring opening C-shaped simple chic fashionable bamboo fashion earrings wholesale nihaojewelry NHAI240644 US$ 0.98
  •  Korea  new fashion  geometric pearl long temperament earrings wholesale NHAN240700 US$ 1.36
  • Fashion Hexagon Acrylic Studded Tassel Earrings NHJE142097 US$ 2.15
  • Fashion multi-layer flannel beaded tassel earrings NHJE142110 US$ 2.80
  • fashion new animal stud earrings korean starfish dolphins earrings wholesale nihaojewelry NHGY222487 US$ 0.99
  • wild little daisy earrings girl sweet flowers earrings Mori rice beads earrings ear hook wholesale nihaojewelry NHAS224584 US$ 1.30
  • fashion alloy love heart-shaped earrings resin diamond super flash S925 silver needle earrings wholesale NHJE232962 US$ 1.47
  • Fashion earrings handmade white crystal coconut earrings women Korean cute green simple earrings jewelry nihaojewelry  NHLA236277 US$ 1.72
  • exaggerated jewelry Korean long metal leaf earrings wholesale nihaojewelry NHGY229326 US$ 0.78
  • popular new product creative drop oil green leaf earrings stand jewelry wholesale nihaojewelry NHGY236066 US$ 0.80
  • Drop-shaped glass diamond alloy diamond earrings super flash full diamond stud earrings NHJE204580 US$ 1.27
  • fashion personality creative alloy diamond inlaid pearl cactus earrings girl heart Korean earrings wholesale nihaojewelry  NHGY219088 US$ 0.72
  • Fashion earrings for women Bohemian Hollow Fabric Woven Diamond Flower Earrings NHJQ202644 US$ 0.58
  • Korean cute hand-woven cactus crystal earrings beaded plant earrings jewelry wholesale nihaojewelry NHLA237183 US$ 1.72
  • retro red disc resin earringsnihaojewelry wholesale Korean women's resin geometric earrings  NHJQ215392 US$ 0.92
  • New Bohemian Irregular Red Flower Earrings Wild Flower Long Earrings NHGY195383 US$ 0.85
  • fashion jewelry new sweet love earrings temperament wild peach heart earrings wholesale nihaojewelry NHNZ224605 US$ 0.72
  • Korean sexy flame red lips earrings hypoallergenic lips earrings exaggerated fashion earrings wholesale nihaojewelry NHFT234666 US$ 1.82
  • Fashion jewelry temperament super flash love earrings high-grade diamond peach heart earrings NHNZ217151 US$ 1.04
  • Korean fashion earrings new wave butterfly crystal earrings wholesale nihaojewelry NHLL235076 US$ 1.53
  • Nihaojewelry Explosion Flower Earrings Alloy Hand Beaded Boho Valentine wholesales fashion NHLN199334 US$ 2.71
  • New fashion jewelry earrings retro exaggerated large gemstone earrings wholesale NHVA212433 US$ 1.53
  • Yi wu jewelry new fashion metal contrast color love earrings wholesale NHSC205751 US$ 0.55
  • Geometric Metal Irregular Concavo-convex Mixed Color Disc Earrings Simple Fashion Earrings NHPF196115 US$ 0.39
  • Fashion minimalist translucent acetate plate chain earrings simple retro earrings wholesale nihaojewelry NHJE230903 US$ 0.98
  • new exaggerated earrings creative fashion red tongue out mouth earrings  NHXI233080 US$ 1.20
  • geometric round turquoise beaded earrings stone trend handmade earrings jewelry wholesale nihaojewelry NHLA232204 US$ 0.90
  • Alloy Turquoise earring NHNSC3680 US$ 0.43
  • Simple geometric round handmade beaded turquoise  personality stone earrings jewelry nihaojewelry wholesale NHLA233373 US$ 0.90
  • Retro alloy Earrings NHKQ0252-Ancient alloy blue turquoise US$ 0.83
  • Exaggerated Jewelry Inlaid Ruby Blue Turquoise Alloy Pendant Earrings Female Geometric Heart Stud Earrings NHLN184126 US$ 0.61
  • Fashion women turquoise ring earrings NHJE133690 US$ 1.27
  • Simple alloy plating NHKQ0514-Ancient alloy turquoise (Ancient alloy turquoise) NHKQ0514 US$ 0.83
  • Jewelry Fashion Vintage Blue Turquoise Ear Studs Crystal Earrings NHNZ199817 US$ 1.30
  • Fashion Women Turquoise Shell Earrings NHJE133661 US$ 1.27
  • Jewelry Trend Semicircle Tricolor Turquoise Disc Geometric Earrings NHZU196062 US$ 0.71
  • Alloy Turquoise earring NHNSC3461 US$ 0.64
  • Alloy Turquoise earring NHNSC3679 US$ 0.53

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Wholesale Jewelry

Nihaojewelry is dedicated to helping customers wholesale jewelry and wholesale accessories easily. Ensuring that you can find the items for your business or for yourself, we provide the latest and most popular fashion jewelry styles and plentiful accessories categories. All our products are with wholesale price but excellent quality.
We have huge collection of products, including fashion jewelry, accessories,costume jewelry, watches, women's clothing, women's shoes, fashion bags, swimsuits. There're 100+ categories and 100,000+ products, and products are updated everyday. We can offer fast delivery over the world and there is no minimum order quantity.
All these are features of Nihaojewlery, which help you to increase your wholesale jewelry business.
Best one-stop wholesale jewelry, wholesale costume jewelry of China website -

  • Big Variety products
    Big Variety products

    150 000 fashion jewelry One stop to purchase all jewelry and Accesories.

  • Fast Fashion
    Fast Fashion

    Every day update new more 200design follow the fashion anddesign our special productsfou you.

  • NO minimum order
    NO minimum order

    No MOQ,buy what you want,wekeep stock for you.

  • Best price and quality
    Best price and quality

    Best price and quality for yourcompetition and keep ourcooperate in long time.

  • Fast worldwilde delivery
    Fast worldwilde delivery

    Ship to worldwide within 10 days. You can download picture tosale first.

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